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Tarmac Repair & Restoration

Tarmac driveways offer maximum performance all year round; providing an attractive and versatile approach to any property. Many residents in towns including Wokingham, Bagshot, Yateley and Sandhurst have had tarmac laid as a cost effective solution to improve 'kerb' appeal.

When first laid, tarmac is full of resin and colour, but over a few years, the elements take their toll. The resins start to dry out, causing the tarmac to crack and break up; the colour fades and surface growth becomes established.

We can offer homeowners in towns throughout Surrey such as Camberley, Guldford and Woking a service to restore and preserve faded and stained tarmac driveways, to look like they were recently installed.

After pre-treating moss, algae and oil stains, we will jet wash the area using specialised pressure washing equipment, enabling the surface to be cleaned without additional damage to the tarmac. Once dry, small holes can be simply repaired using cold lay repair and cracks can be easily filled with Smartseal crack repair compound.

Once the repairs have been carried out, we would recommend that 2 coats of tarmaseal is applied, which is available in black, red and green. This will instantly restore the colour, replace the lost resins and waterproof the surface once more. With a top up coat every few years, the tarmac will keep looking good for years to come.

To hear more about our tarmac repair and restoration service, please call us on  07546 079973 or 0800 865 4028 or complete our online enquiry form. We cover most parts of Surrey and Berkshire including Reading, Blackwater, Farnborough, Fleet, Aldershot, Crowthorne, Bracknell, Leatherhead, Maidenhead, Ascot and Frimley.